Saturday, November 8, 2014

MFW Unit 7: Us

Unit 7 of Mercedes' My Father's World curriculum was "us". The science theme was the five senses. The Bible theme was "God made us wonderfully". 

We read several books from the library about our five senses.

We played games using all of our five senses. For touch, I stuffed a pillowcase with a bunch of random objects. Mercedes grabbed each item one by one and had to guess what it was using only her sense of touch.

For sound, I blindfolded Mercedes and used different objects to make noise. She had to guess using her sense of sound what item was making the noise.

For smell, I blindfolded Mercedes and held several strong smelling items up to her nose. She had to use her sense of smell to figure out what each item was.

For taste, I blindfolded Mercedes and let her taste several kinds of food. She had to use her sense of taste to guess what kind of food she was eating.

For sight, we talked about how important our eyes were and all the things we get to enjoy with our eyes. I blindfolded her and asked her to draw a person without using her eyes. She realized how hard it was and how important her eyes are!

The letter theme was U, so she used finger paint to practice writing the letter U.

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