Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving (2014)

This Thanksgiving, for the very first time, we did not have a big fancy dinner with extended family. Instead it was just the four of us. The girls and I did some crafts to celebrate what Emerald referred to as "Thank You Day".

Inspired by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, we made Thank You Day cards for some of the people the girls appreciate.

We also made Thank You Trees tracing the girls' arms and hands for the trunk and branches, and their hands for the leaves.

I asked them to make a list of some of the things they wanted to thank God for and wrote them on the leaves of the trees. Mercedes was thankful for so many things I made an overflow list to hang next to her tree.

"Thank You Day" was super chill. We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, ham, pineapples and homemade caramel apples for lunch, turkey, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner and apple crumble bars with vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

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