Friday, January 30, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Ideas (2014)

I was pretty lazy with the elf on the shelf ideas this year. The girls were SO easily entertained by them I didn't have to try very hard. I don't try to get my girls to believe in Santa...or the tooth fairy or Easter bunny. I'm always super straight up and honest about the way life is. But with Kevin and Susie, the girls refuse not to believe they're real. Every day I reminded them that they were only real for pretend and they only lived at the North Pole for pretend and they only helped Santa make presents for Christmas for pretend. They thought I was lying to them.

The first night after we put up the Christmas tree, Kevin arrived from the North Pole for pretend, tore down the girls' Thanksgiving decorations and hung up our stockings in their place.

The next night, he ate half a bag of brown sugar.

Then he ate most of the chocolate cookies on the Christmas platter.

He took the ornaments off the tree.

Then moved the tree into the playroom. The girls didn't know how Kevin could be so strong.

He took a nap in the girls' monster slipper.

And one night, Kevin's girlfriend Susie showed up! 

They played Sequence in a blanket fort they built together.

Designed a Christmas tree with plastic blocks.

Had a picnic.

Had a royal party with all the Disney princesses and their animal friends.

Rode Eeyore.

Babysat the baby dolls.

Read LOTS of books.

Played hide and seek.

Wrote the girls a message with alphabet beads.

Bounced on the exercise ball.

Played with toys.

Hid in the picnic basket.

Climbed inside the cabinet.

Played Blokus. 

Surprised the girls with some Christmas chocolate.

Stuffed the girls' stockings with candy.

Painted a huge message for the girls across the living room floor and surprised them with some presents to open on Christmas Eve morning.

And guarded their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve night.

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