Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine's Day (2015)

Valentine's Day this year was spent at home, doing special, festive activities as usual.

The girls made Valentine's for their most special people.

The day before, we'd gone shopping for a few little treats for their special people.

I made sure all of the girls' snacks throughout the day were Valentine's Day themed. Strawberries with dove chocolate hearts...

Chocolate pancakes cut into hearts with a cookie cutter, sprinkled with powdered sugar and heart shaped sprinkles.

Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, strawberries and a Ghirardelli chocolate square. 

And heart shaped cheese and strawberries...strawberries are a special treat for us in the winter time so they kept asking for them. 

The girls got all dressed up pretty and we did a little photo shoot.

We made sugar cookies.

Then we had our 3rd annual Valentine's Day tea party. The first year we did this, Mercedes was 2 and Emerald was about 9 months old. I served Mercedes hot chocolate in a sippy cup while Emerald was napping. Every year it gets more fun. :)

Later that afternoon, the girls' Uncle Michael and Aunt Laura surprised them by coming over with their photo equipment for a real photo shoot! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MFW Unit 19: Rocks

The theme of Unit 19 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Rocks. The Bible theme was "I build my life on the Rock". We talked about how Jesus is the Rock. He is strong and we need Him to guide us and show us how to live our lives. 

We collected rocks in our yard. We found all but the fools gold from the photo above hiding in our little yard. We were pretty excited! 

We borrowed some rocks and minerals books from the library and had a wonderful time looking through them at all the different kinds of rocks God designed! 

We also read some books about volcanoes. Then we made our own!

We have made these mini volcanoes before. All it takes is some baking soda and white vinegar dyed with food coloring. We use medicine droppers for the vinegar. It makes a little explosion every time! 

The girls would do this for hours if I had an endless supply of baking soda and vinegar. We always go through an entire HUGE box of baking soda and they are always disappointed when I tell them it's time to stop.

We learned that rocks sink by dropping them into a pitcher of water. We also learned that when you drop rocks into water, the water rises.

We went rock hunting by the river on a 70 degree day in January!

When we got home, the girls washed the rocks and sorted through them.

First, Mercedes put all the rocks into categories...small, medium and large.

Then I picked a few from each pile and asked Mercedes to line them up smallest to largest.

The girls picked a few favorites to paint and we added googly eyes to make "rock friends".

This was the week we finished our hundreds chart. Every day we added one number to the chart, and counted through them. We then added one straw to a bucket. Every 10 days we'd bundle the straws together with a rubber band. We counted through the straws every day too, teaching Mercedes how to count by 10's and understand place value.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

MFW Unit 18: Zebra

Unit 18 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Zebras. The Bible theme was "I can't hide anything from God". We discussed Hebrews 4:13 "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account." We talked about how God is everywhere and sees everything we do. We played a game of hide and seek and talked about how God ALWAYS knows where we are even if no one else does! 

We read a zebra book and learned that zebras use their stripes as camouflage so they can hide in the long grass.  

We made "zebra pudding" by making a homemade batch of both chocolate and vanilla pudding and layering them in glasses to make stripes.

Mercedes made an "animals in Africa" collage and we found Africa on our globe.

And she used the zebra book to paint a zebra.

Monday, February 2, 2015

MFW Unit 17: Kangaroo

The theme of Unit 17 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Kangaroos.

We read lots of kangaroo books from the library.

We found where kangaroos live on our globe.

We made "things that hop" collages. The girls made a list of things that could hop and printed pictures from the computer. They came up with kangaroos, frogs, bunnies, grasshoppers, Mercedes and Emerald!

We learned that kangaroos can jump 25 feet in one leap! We measured that distance, then had the girls see how far they could jump in one leap and measured those. We marked them with tape on the floor. Ben and I tried it too! The girls thought that was pretty hilarious.

The Bible theme was "I am safe in God". We talked about how God keeps us safe the way a mother kangaroo keeps her baby safe in her pouch.  We read and discussed Psalm 16: 1, 7-9, 11, Psalm 31:1-2, 7, 21-24, Romans 8:35,37-39  and Isaiah 43:2.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

MFW Unit 16: Penguin

The theme of Unit 16 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Penguins. We read lots of books about penguins and watched some documentaries on youtube. We learned that the daddy penguins are the ones that take care of the eggs until the babies hatch. We also learned that penguins live together in large groups, like a big family. 

The Bible lesson was, "I show love to everyone, especially my family." We learned that in addition to our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins, we are also part of God's family, which is a BIG family all around the world, and everyone who loves God and believes in Jesus is a part of that family. We also recently found a new church family (after 5 years of searching)! which we are thrilled about. Mercedes especially is absolutely loving her Sunday School class and has joined Awana as well. Every time I pick her up from class she has a huge smile on her face and tells me it's been the best day of her life. 

We learned that daddy penguins balance their babies' eggs on their feet. Mercedes practiced with a hard boiled egg.

Mercedes used pictures from a book to help her paint a penguin family.

We made "shape penguins".

We talked about what great daddies penguins are, and about how great the girls' daddy is and wrote him a thank you note.

We learned that penguins live in Antarctica where it's very cold, and found where that is on our globe. The water they swim in is ice cold and sometimes they sit on icebergs which float in the water. We made our own icebergs (by freezing water in sandwich size Ziploc bags) in the pretend Atlantic Ocean and let some penguins float around on them.

We used number cards, counting bears and dice to start introducing the concept of addition. Mercedes would roll the dice, we'd count out the bears, place the correct number cards underneath and I'd have Mercedes write out the equation (ex. 2 + 4 = 6). She loved this game and really seemed to grasp the concept of addition.