Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MFW Unit 19: Rocks

The theme of Unit 19 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Rocks. The Bible theme was "I build my life on the Rock". We talked about how Jesus is the Rock. He is strong and we need Him to guide us and show us how to live our lives. 

We collected rocks in our yard. We found all but the fools gold from the photo above hiding in our little yard. We were pretty excited! 

We borrowed some rocks and minerals books from the library and had a wonderful time looking through them at all the different kinds of rocks God designed! 

We also read some books about volcanoes. Then we made our own!

We have made these mini volcanoes before. All it takes is some baking soda and white vinegar dyed with food coloring. We use medicine droppers for the vinegar. It makes a little explosion every time! 

The girls would do this for hours if I had an endless supply of baking soda and vinegar. We always go through an entire HUGE box of baking soda and they are always disappointed when I tell them it's time to stop.

We learned that rocks sink by dropping them into a pitcher of water. We also learned that when you drop rocks into water, the water rises.

We went rock hunting by the river on a 70 degree day in January!

When we got home, the girls washed the rocks and sorted through them.

First, Mercedes put all the rocks into categories...small, medium and large.

Then I picked a few from each pile and asked Mercedes to line them up smallest to largest.

The girls picked a few favorites to paint and we added googly eyes to make "rock friends".

This was the week we finished our hundreds chart. Every day we added one number to the chart, and counted through them. We then added one straw to a bucket. Every 10 days we'd bundle the straws together with a rubber band. We counted through the straws every day too, teaching Mercedes how to count by 10's and understand place value.

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