Sunday, March 1, 2015

MFW Unit 20: Jewels

Unit 20 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Jewels. The Bible theme was, "Jesus is more valuable than anything else".

We read some books about rocks, gemstones and minerals.

We visited a jewelry shop and browsed through the beautiful jewelry. We picked our favorites and I showed her what her birthstone looks like. Mercedes would have spent forever in there. 

I let her hold and examine my engagement ring. It has a diamond and two sapphires in it. She was so gentle with it, it was really cute!

I bought her some "ruby" rings at Dollar Tree and she wore her tiara with plastic gemstones around the house.

We made our own crystals using a crystal making kit, also found at Dollar Tree.

And the girls made their own "Queen Crowns" using "ruby" heart gem stickers.

Mercedes spent a LOT of time on hers! This was probably one of Mercedes' favorite units, because she loves all things shiny, glittery and girly. 

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