Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Decorating Easter Eggs (2015)

This is the first year we've attempted to dye Easter eggs, so we did a lot of experimenting. The girls had so much fun! They had a very long attention span for this project.

We used a golden egg kit.

And a glitter egg kit.

We dyed a bunch of them with just food coloring, water and vinegar and then once they dried the girls painted them with regular craft paint.

We ended up with a nice little bowl of adorably decorated eggs!

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon taking turns hiding them for each other around the house.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Advanced Kindergarten

Now that Mercedes has finished her My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum, I wanted her to have extra practice in reading, writing and math this spring and summer. I decided to use some material from Christian Liberty Press's advanced kindergarten list. 

This Adventures in Phonics program comes with a workbook, a teacher's book, flashcards, a CD and several readers. It starts off reviewing each letter and their sound, and by the end they are suppose to be able to be able to read at a first grade level. Some of the readers are pretty advanced!

The math starts out identifying each numeral, counting to 10 (and eventually to 100), counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, counting money, telling time, addition, subtraction, units of measurement, fractions, place values...it touches on all the basic mathematical principals.  

The handwriting starts out circling and crossing out pictures, then drawing shapes and pictures, then practicing each letter of the alphabet.

My Father's World kindergarten definitely didn't go into this much depth, so I think this will be really good for Mercedes to do. She's been working through these books for a couple of weeks now. She does 1-2 pages in each subject every day. Usually half in the morning and half in the afternoon. We are doing it at her pace since she's still 4 and not suppose to be in Kindergarten until fall, but at the same time she is so hungry and eager to learn I'm not going to limit her by making her wait until she's the correct age to let her learn. Most days she begs to do school and is disappointed when I tell her we're done for the day. I have no idea how long it will take to get through these books. If we're done by the end of the summer, great. We will start 1st grade this fall. If it takes her until December, that's fine too. We'll start 1st grade in January and she'll still be half a year ahead! The beauty of homeschooling is that Mercedes gets to decide the pace she wants to learn, and I get to decide exactly what she is learning. I am pleasantly surprised at how well our first year of homeschooling has gone, and I'm excited for a change of pace and a new curriculum to enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

MFW Unit 26: Yellow

Unit 26 of My Father's World Kindergarten was our last unit! We completed our wall of badges.

I let Mercedes celebrate by decorating her last worksheet with hearts and designs instead of actually completing it correctly.

The theme was yellow, so we had a yellow day. We ate a yellow snack.

We painted on yellow paper.

Mercedes drew pictures of yellow things using yellow crayons.

She used yellow counting bears to do math.

We made yellow play-doh (lemonade scented).

And Mercedes started an intro to subtraction practice book I found at the Dollar Tree.

The Bible theme was, "Thank you God for this beautiful world". We talked about how God decorated the world with all the colors of the rainbow and thanked Him for being so creative and beautiful.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

MFW Unit 25: Quail

The theme of Unit 25 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Quail. There were basically no extra activities for this one so we got through it all in one day. We cut out our quail badge, read some books about quail, and Mercedes did all of her phonics and math worksheets. The Bible theme was "I don't grumble or complain; I am thankful." The Bible story was about the Israelites complaining about the manna God sent from heaven, so God sent quail to them instead, and it made them very sick. Moral of the story: God does not like complaining, so we need to be thankful instead. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

MFW Unit 24: Vegetables

The theme of Unit 24 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Vegetables. The Bible theme was "God gives me all that I need". We read lots of books about how fruits and veggies grow, and talked about how God designed plants to grow and provide them with soil, sunshine and rain.

Mercedes loves to help me cook, and I made sure she helped me prepare all our veggies during our vegetable week. We prepared cucumbers, carrots and peppers for a salad and to be eaten raw for  snacks.

Avocados and tomatoes tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Cucumbers and onions tossed with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and spices (click HERE for recipe)

And lots of other veggie side dishes that I forgot to take pictures of. Oops!

Each night while we prepared them, we talked about where each vegetable came from and how it grows, and remembered to thank God for providing us with so much good, fresh food to nourish our bodies.

We also did a veggie stamping project.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MFW Unit 23: Fox

The theme of Unit 23 of Mercedes' My Father's World Kindergarten was Foxes. The Bible theme was "God's Word Makes Me Wiser Than My Enemies". The idea is that foxes are often sneaky and tricky in stories, and we need to be wise and not believe lies. To do this, we need to learn and memorize God's Word so we know what's true and what's lies. 

There were not many extra activities to go along with this unit, so it only took us a couple days to get through. We read books about foxes and watched fox documentaries on youtube.

Mercedes also did an animal classification project, sorting animals into 3 groups: air, water and land.