Monday, April 6, 2015

Advanced Kindergarten

Now that Mercedes has finished her My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum, I wanted her to have extra practice in reading, writing and math this spring and summer. I decided to use some material from Christian Liberty Press's advanced kindergarten list. 

This Adventures in Phonics program comes with a workbook, a teacher's book, flashcards, a CD and several readers. It starts off reviewing each letter and their sound, and by the end they are suppose to be able to be able to read at a first grade level. Some of the readers are pretty advanced!

The math starts out identifying each numeral, counting to 10 (and eventually to 100), counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, counting money, telling time, addition, subtraction, units of measurement, fractions, place touches on all the basic mathematical principals.  

The handwriting starts out circling and crossing out pictures, then drawing shapes and pictures, then practicing each letter of the alphabet.

My Father's World kindergarten definitely didn't go into this much depth, so I think this will be really good for Mercedes to do. She's been working through these books for a couple of weeks now. She does 1-2 pages in each subject every day. Usually half in the morning and half in the afternoon. We are doing it at her pace since she's still 4 and not suppose to be in Kindergarten until fall, but at the same time she is so hungry and eager to learn I'm not going to limit her by making her wait until she's the correct age to let her learn. Most days she begs to do school and is disappointed when I tell her we're done for the day. I have no idea how long it will take to get through these books. If we're done by the end of the summer, great. We will start 1st grade this fall. If it takes her until December, that's fine too. We'll start 1st grade in January and she'll still be half a year ahead! The beauty of homeschooling is that Mercedes gets to decide the pace she wants to learn, and I get to decide exactly what she is learning. I am pleasantly surprised at how well our first year of homeschooling has gone, and I'm excited for a change of pace and a new curriculum to enjoy!

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