Friday, May 8, 2015

Emerald's 3rd Birthday Letter

My sweet baby Emerald,

Today you are 3! You are absolutely precious. You spend most of your time taking care of your baby dolls and guinea pigs. You would be perfectly happy if all you did all day was snuggle with me and drink your sippy cup of milk. You wear nothing but beautiful princess dresses and you love to twirl around the house in them. Even in the grocery store, you are always dancing and twirling. You are going to be such a beautiful little ballerina when you start taking classes this summer! Your bright blue eyes and picture perfect smile melt my heart. You are about as adorable as it gets. And you know it! You are shy but you love people deeply. You are kind and compassionate, and I think you will make a great teacher, doctor, vet or mommy someday. You love babies and animals. You also love playing outside and spend hours practicing riding your scooter and trying to keep up with your big sister. You and your sister are best friends, but you both love to pick fights and annoy each other like crazy. You are finally outgrowing your massive tantrums and power struggles which means our days are a lot more fun and less stressful.

I love how talkative you are. You are always thinking, asking questions and trying to figure things out. You make the cutest facial expressions and use words and phrases that make me forget how little you are. You are learning and growing so fast, and you are constantly surprising me with how much you know. You are so proud when you do preschool and you are getting so good at your letters, numbers shapes and colors. You love to do crafts and projects. Painting and making bead necklaces are your favorites. You love it when I read you stories. You would sit and read with me all day. I love it when you help me cook, shop and clean. You enjoy the little chores I give you and it makes my job more fun when I get to watch you having fun. I love it when you tell me my clothes are pretty, or when you say I'm a good Mommy. You are so good at giving complements and asking very kind when you want something. You tell me thank you for every little thing. It makes my heart happy when you tell me thank you for taking you to the park, giving you ice cream, watching a movie with you or buying you a new dress. I love it that almost a year later, you still randomly thank me for buying you the guinea pigs. All the kind little comments you make shows me that you have a good heart and love to make people happy with your words.

I love you so much, baby girl. You are ridiculously stubborn, like me, and because of that we sometimes have trouble getting along. But we always bond over snuggles and chats and our connection stays strong. I am so proud of you and I love watching your (very strong) personality develop and I love the little person you are becoming. Not gonna lie, I'm not sad at all to see the terrible two's phase come to an end. The past couple of months you have been happier, eager to please, quick to make good choices, and much more agreeable. I'm excited to say goodbye to your 2 year old year and I'm soooo looking forward to you being 3. Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl. I love you!

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