Friday, June 26, 2015

Tactile Letters (Intro to the Alphabet)

Emerald has really become interested in school the past few months. Somehow in the past 3 years without me actually teaching her, she learned most of her colors and shapes, counting to 20, number recognition 1-5, and a few letters. I blame Sesame Street. Anyway, at the beginning of the summer when Mercedes started her advanced kindergarten phonics and math books, I started doing organized projects with Emerald. We have spent the past few weeks creating tactile letters to hang on the wall, with materials like beads, dried beans, puzzle pieces, glitter, torn colored paper, cotton balls, etc. I also printed letter coloring pages for her to color and paint. She begs to do them and will sometimes do several in one sitting. We've also been reviewing letters with flashcards and playing Alphabet Bingo regularly. She surprises me with her attention span and eagerness to learn!