Friday, August 21, 2015

Science, Health and Social Studies (Mercedes' Kindergarten)

We are a couple weeks into the school year and so far we are loving it! Mercedes, who just turned 5, is starting her second year of kindergarten. Last fall when she turned 4, we did My Father's World Kindergarten. I highly recommend it for all of it's Bible, science and hands on learning. It's a great way to introduce homeschool to your children because it really makes them excited to learn. Every day and every activity is so much fun! It also introduces letters and their sounds and very basic reading skills and has a math lesson about once a week. I didn't feel confident that Mercedes had gotten enough reading and math to start first grade so this summer we have been going through kindergarten level phonic and math books by Christian Liberty Press, which are much more advanced than anything she did in My Father's World. She is about halfway done with both and will finish probably sometime in November or December. 

She also reads three kindergarten level readers every day. She is starting Awana in September and we will be going through the workbook and doing lots of memorizing for Bible, as well as reading stories from the girls' preschool Bible every day. I also ordered her a science, social studies and health book, all of which she will be done with by November or December. We are all set to start first grade this January! I am much less concerned with their ages and what grade they are suppose to be in than I am about keeping them challenged and excited to learn. Both girls have a passion for learning and beg for more constantly it's hard to keep up with them! 

The Science book is by Christian Liberty Press. It has a unit for each of the 7 Days of Creation and discusses the different things God made on each day. There are little activities, projects and experiments throughout the book as well as coloring pages and little quizzes and discussion questions at the end of each unit. Mercedes is having a lot of fun with it! The only complaint I have is that it's only 92 pages and she is flying through it (already on page 32 after 2 weeks of school) so it is definitely not something you could use for an entire year of school. For us it works great because even if she finishes it by October we will be starting a new one in January.

Social studies by A Beka is Mercedes' favorite subject this year. The lessons are about our community (our family, our town, how to be a responsible citizen and different "helpers" in our community like firemen, police officers, doctors, postal employees, teachers, etc). It teaches about safety rules (fire safety, how to dial 911, stranger danger, learning address and phone number, wearing a seat belt, how to keep our bodies and teeth healthy, etc) Our country (it's leaders, our flag, and geography) and other countries and cultures all around the world! There are lots of coloring pages and topics for discussion. 

Both girls really enjoy Health by Alpha Omega (Horizons Publishing). Mostly I teach out of the teachers' book, which has a topic for discussion each day. There are lots of ideas for games, activities, puppet shows, discussion questions, crafts, etc. to go with each lesson so I have been using some of those and coming up with some of my own. This book covers lessons on emotions, family, getting along with friends and how to be a good friend, the 5 senses, things we can do to keep our body healthy, safety rules and preventing health problems. It also comes with a workbook and there are assignments in it that go along with some of the lessons. 

Both girls also watch a Signing Time video each day to learn American Sign Language! 

With 7 subjects we stay pretty busy these days! I let Mercedes decide how much she wants to do in each subject each day and more often than not she wants to keep going long after I've planned for her to stop. I am hopeful that this school year is going to be a great one. We are off to a perfect start! 

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