Monday, September 21, 2015

Health Projects and Activities (Alpha and Omega Kindergarten)

It took Mercedes exactly 6 weeks to complete an entire kindergarten health curriculum. Yikes! I am having trouble keeping up with how fast the girls devour knowledge! This was one of her favorite subjects, and part of the reason was that there were so many hands on activities to go along with the lessons. Emerald (age 3) did many of these activities with us and joined us in the daily health discussions.

The girls learned that God designed their bodies beautifully and uniquely. Both girls drew pictures of themselves with their hand prints, and we made these salt dough hand prints and painted them using this recipe.

They learned about families and the girls each drew pictures of our family. Mercedes included our home address and my phone number on hers which is why part of her picture is covered with index cards. :) 

They learned about how their bodies grow starting from when they were tiny babies, and the different ways we can help our bodies grow (nutritious food, exercise, plenty of rest, etc.) I showed the girls the outfit they wore on the way home from the hospital on the day they were born so they could see how much they've grown since then.

They also measured each other.

They learned about dental hygiene and how and why baby teeth fall out.

Throughout the book we put together a health train. Once complete it showed all the ways to stay healthy, including: Exercise, eat right, dress right, get plenty of rest, keep clean, go to the doctor and the dentist for check ups, and stay away from fire, strangers, cars in the road, cigarettes, medicine (unless given by a parent or doctor), and toxins like cleaning supplies. This curriculum also talked about fire safety, who to call during an emergency, stranger danger, and car safety (seat belts, look both ways before crossing the street, etc.) 

The girls flew through this book and Mercedes will be starting 1st grade health in January (curriculum to be determined).

Kindergarten Science Crafts (Christian Liberty Press)

Well, it took Mercedes exactly 6 weeks to complete an entire kindergarten science book. This is her second kindergarten science curriculum she has completed and she just turned five 2 months ago. I am in trouble with these girls. I can hardly keep up with how quickly they devour knowledge! In addition to reading the textbook, discussing the question and and answer section at the end of each unit and doing the little activities in the book (coloring, connect the dots, color by number, etc.) we also did a couple of extra activities to go along with the 7 days of creation units.

We went on a leaf hunt and did some crayon rubbings.

We also tried flowers instead of leaves and those turned out really cool!

We made leaf and flower collages with clear contact paper.

And we checked out a couple books from the library about constellations and studies them.

After a year of My Father's World Kindergarten science and finishing Christian Liberty Press Kindergarten science so quickly, Mercedes will be starting 1st grade science in January! Curriculum yet to be decided.