Monday, December 7, 2015

Rainbow Pizza

Mercedes and Emerald got this idea from a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood episode. They asked me for weeks to let them make a rainbow pizza so we finally did, and it was so fun and really tasty! After putting together a gluten free pizza crust from Aldi, we topped the raw dough with pizza sauce, chicken and cheese. Then we decorated our rainbow! We used tomatoes for red, carrots for orange, yellow peppers for yellow free, spinach for green, purple sweet potatoes and black olives for blue, and purple onions for purple. We also sprinkled spinach at the bottom of our rainbow to look like grass. 

We baked this at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. It was incredibly popular with my 3 year old and picky, picky 5 year old. Win!

For further instructions, check out our rainbow pizza baking tutorial video

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