Sunday, January 17, 2016

Elf On The Shelf (2015)

I was beyond lazy with my elf on the shelf ideas this year. The girls were THRILLED just to see that Kevin and Suzi were not on their shelf every morning. They turned it into a hide and seek game to try to find the elves and no matter what they found the elves doing they thought it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen. So I figured since they are so easily entertained I might as well go easy on myself and save all of my creative, time consuming elf on the shelf ideas for when the girls are older and harder to impress! 

I was so lazy I didn't even take pictures of the silly little elves every day. But here are a few shenanigans Kevin and Suzi got themselves into in the month of December.

In the fridge, stealing caramel apples.

Checking the stockings for candy, on December 2!

Reading Christmas stories.

Climbing the Christmas tree.

Writing the girls love notes on the computer.

Doing a couple chores Mommy kept putting off. Hanging up some calendars, fixing some ornaments and putting together a broken bracelet. 

Cupcake picnic under the table.

Perched on the bunk beds watching the girls sleep. Creeeeepy!

Making the girls a Christmas chain.

Emerald got a hold of Suzi at some point and introduced her to one of our baby guinea pigs.

Checking Daddy's closet for presents.

Stealing candy from the stockings...once Mommy and Daddy actually put some candy in them!

Riding Mr. Moose.

In the morning, Pugsley came over to snuggle them. 

On Christmas Eve they guarded the presents!