Saturday, May 21, 2016

Emerald's Kindergarten Level Review Workbook

Emerald has recently completed her My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum. I wanted to give her something easy to work on that would keep her brain fresh this summer since we have a baby due in September and she won't be starting A Beka's Kindergarten curriculum until October. 

I found this Kindergarten level Big Workbook from School Zone and it's wonderful. It reviews upper and lowercase letters and their sounds with some handwriting practice, shape recognition (including advanced shapes like cones,cylinders, cubes, spheres, etc. that she's never done before), number recognition and counting as well as other math concepts like units of measurement, patterns, adding and subtracting, graphs, telling time, counting money, etc. At the end of the book there are lessons teaching rhyming words, cause and effect, sequencing, etc. Throughout the book it includes lots of coloring and fun little activities like mazes and drawing pictures. 

This book is perfect for Emerald's summer review book because it is challenging enough to keep it interesting for her but not so challenging that it feels like hard work so she won't get burnt out. I ask her to do 4 pages a day which takes her about 15 minutes. She sometimes chooses to do much more and has done up to 16 pages in one day just for fun! 

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