Thursday, November 17, 2016

Emerald's Kindergarten Books (Year 2)

I cannot keep up with how fast Emerald learns. She turned 4 in May, and at the beginning of the school year we started her 2nd year and 3rd curriculum of kindergarten. Last summer, she learned to read. This school year is really almost too easy for her. Still, she enjoys it and is learning some new things. The rest is review and practice.

Her favorite subject is Bible. We use a book from Christian Liberty Press, which takes her through the Old Testament from Genesis to Ruth. We read one story a day with questions at the end to make sure she was paying attention. Math, phonics, social studies and science are from A Beka. She is flying through these books and has already finished her science book. Health is from Steck-Vaughn School Supply. It was one of the only kindergarten health books I could find. Most homeschool curriculum don't start health until 1st grade, but her sister does health so Emerald wanted to too! Her math and phonics books are not going to keep her challenged or last all school year, so I also bought her Hearts and Hands from Christian Liberty Press. It is meant to be a review book to complete along with their math and phonics books for additional practice. I'm going to have Emerald start it once she's completed the rest of her subjects for the year. We also read Bob Books from the library every day.

It is incredibly difficult for me to keep this girl challenged. She will be more than ready to start 1st grade once she turns 5!

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