Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mercedes' 2nd Grade Books

We are a few months into our homeschool year. Mercedes is absolutely thriving! Last year, in first grade, she wasn't quite reading and writing at the level needed for some of her subjects to be easy for her. Language and Phonics were hard because she was expected to do a lot of reading tricky words and writing sentences so some days were frustrating. Last summer she really took off reading. We went to the library at least once a week to pick out level 1 readers and we sat down and read for at least a few minutes every day. 

By the beginning of the school year she was EASILY reading at level 2 and this has helped a TON with her Language, Letters and Sounds (Phonics) and Spelling and Poetry. She even loves math, which was also very hard for her last year. 

If you ask her, she will tell you that she loves all of her subjects and each one is her favorite. Bible is Christian Liberty Press. She is going through the Old Testament from 1 Samuel to Malachi. We read one story a day, with some questions at the end to make sure she was paying attention. The rest of her subjects are from A Beka. Letters and Sounds, Language, Spelling and Poetry, Health, History and Science. She reads level 2 readers from the library for at least 15 or 20 minutes a day. Ben is teaching her guitar using Alfred's Kids Guitar Course 1 which is the perfect book for young beginners. He gives her a lesson on the weekends and we practice the homework every day during the week. 

10 subjects seems overwhelming, but she doesn't do every subject every day. She does certain subjects Monday, Wednesday and Friday and others Tuesday and Thursday. Bible, Reading and Guitar she does every day. I figured out how many pages she needs to do in each subject every week in order to finish by the end of the school year. Most days she asks to do more than she needs to and we almost always finish the school day by 1 or 2 pm with lots of breaks in between subjects. It helps that she really LOVES her school. This is motivation enough for her to have a good attitude and get her work done quickly.

Homeschooling 2 young girls who are both learning to read while taking care of a newborn and recovering from surgery has definitely been a challenge, but we are doing it and it is amazing. Homeschooling continues to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job as a stay at home mom. I love helping my kids learn and watching them develop a passion for learning. I continue to consider it a joy and a blessing!

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