Monday, July 31, 2017

Mercedes' 7th Birthday Letter

My Dear Sweet Mercedes,

Today you are SEVEN! I am so proud of the person you are becoming. My favorite thing about you is your kind, loving, sensitive heart. A heart that is starting to love Jesus. It's all a mom could ever ask for. This year, we started really digging deep into the Bible. Praying together every morning and every night, and throughout the day. We've had so many great conversations about God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation, sin, Satan, and the world. You are learning to see everything from a Biblical point of view. Your heart is open to all of these concepts. You have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and are seeking to love Him, obey Him and learn more about Him. You are starting your relationship with Him through prayer, scripture and worship and it is such a joy and a blessing to see. You are asking how to hear God's voice. You are asking about baptism. You are asking how to read scripture on your own. You are writing in your own prayer journal. You are asking me to find worship songs on Youtube so you can sing to Jesus throughout the day. It's amazing to watch and I love answering all of your questions and helping you figure everything out. I can see the fruit of all you are beginning to learn, understand and believe in your attitude and your way you love and serve your younger siblings, the way you respect and obey your parents and your teachers and the way you are so open and willing to serve and help in any way you can.

This year, you have really embraced your creativity. You love to bake and help me cook. You watch Master Chef Junior and dream of going to cooking school when you're older. You love to play your guitar. You love to create your own choreography and play "dance recital" with your sister. You performed beautifully at your recent Dazzler Spring Show, and you dream of doing a solo routine as a senior in high school. You love all things arts and crafts. Lately you have been asking to own a pottery wheel and learn ceramics. Whatever you end up doing with your life, I know it will be something creative. I love watching your personality develop and the way you are starting to have strong passions and desires for these things. I love it when you share your hopes and dreams with me.

You are patient, have a long attention span and pay attention to tiny details. The older you get the more I see these strengths show in your artwork and in your dancing. I know they will help you with whatever you set your mind to as you grow.

You love watching YouTube videos of people making crafts and baking, too. You get a lot of your ideas and inspiration from other artists and are always asking to try new crafts and bake new things.

You are such an amazing big sister. You play with your little sister all the time. You call each other "twins" and "best friends". You share all your clothes and all your toys. I love watching your relationship grow stronger and I pray you always feel this way about each other. You are also a wonderful sister to your little brother. You adore him, and he makes your heart happy. You are more than willing to babysit for me whenever I need you to, especially in the car while I'm driving! You read him books, feed him snacks and make him so happy.

You have taken off reading this year, which will take your ability to learn, dream and create to a whole new level!

You are also very active, even when you're not dancing! You go on long bike rides with your dad, scooter at parks and nature trails, and you are quite the little swimmer and gymnast! You dream of being a gymnastics, dance or swim teacher someday.

You have such a good brain, so many dreams and desires, so many interests and talents, you have so many doors open to you. You could do anything you want and I can't wait to watch you reach your goals and succeed at whatever you decide you want to try. It is such an honor and a privilege to be your mom and watch you grow and thrive.

My prayer for you this year is that you continue to seek God and your relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. I pray that you will start to seek out friendships with kids your age, since this has been a struggle for you, my shy little introvert. I pray that you will put less pressure on yourself to be perfect in school this year, and instead to relax and embrace your mistakes and start to accept that failing to understand something perfectly the first time is just part of the learning process. I thank God for the strong bond you have between me and your dad, and pray that it continues to stay strong. I love that the older you get the more you are willing and able to express yourself, your feelings and your desires, and tell us what hurts your feelings and what makes you feel safe and what scares you and what excites you and what you are passionate about. Open communication is definitely an answer to prayer, as you have struggled in the past with letting yourself open up and be heard. 

You are such an amazing kid. I'm so blessed to be your mom. I am so happy that today we get to celebrate YOU, and I can't wait to find out what this year has in store for you. I love you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday!

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