Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dominick's 1st Birthday Letter

My Dear Sweet Boy,

Today you are 1! I can't believe it's already been a year since I first held you and looked into your eyes for the very first time. I loved that day. Everything about your birth was perfect. Loving you came so naturally. There was no bonding process. You were born and you were mine. Instantly, just like that. I needed you. Our family needed you. You are so very loved, my sweet son.

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Loving you reminds me of God's love for us. You never have to do anything to earn my love. You don't have to work hard to try to prove that you deserve to be loved or that you're worth being a part of our family. Your very existence is what brings me joy. From day one, when all you did was eat and sleep and cry, I was captivated by you simply because you are mine. I love taking care of you, holding you, drying your tears, making you laugh and watching you learn and play and grow. I don't love your sisters more than you because they're bigger and know more and can do more than you. Everything you do is amazing to me. Every new lesson you learn and skill you accomplish is a celebration for me. I adore you just because you are YOU. It reminds me that God made us for His pleasure and He enjoys us, not for what we can do for Him but for who we are. Because we belong to Him and He made us and that's enough. He finds joy in us when we cry to Him, laugh with Him and celebrate our victories with Him. He doesn't compare us to anyone else. He just loves us because we are precious to Him. We don't need to do anything to be worthy of His love. We just need to love Him and let Him love us. You are a beautiful reminder of this simple truth about God's love for us. Just one of the millions of reasons being your mom is so incredible.

Your favorite thing in the whole world right now is cooking! You LOVE to watch me cook and insist on being held so you can watch whenever something is on the stove. You run to the oven when the timer beeps. You empty my cabinets daily so you can "cook" your own food with pots, pans, spatulas, mixing spoons, plates and bowls. You "cook" cheerios, veggie straws, yogurt melts, Easter eggs, army men, blocks, cotton balls and whatever else you can get your hands on. You stir, scoop, pour, whisk and flip with a spatula. You spend hours doing this. It is your absolute favorite thing.

Your favorite foods are lasagna, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza and blueberries. You have always been super willing to eat anything offered to you, including tomatoes, olives, bacon and coleslaw!

 You say "eat" and "cook" and "snack" and "hot". All food words! You also say "mama", "dadda" and "hi!" Your first sentence was "hi dad!" when Daddy walked in the room. You shake your head yes and no and run away from us when you see us walking towards you with a diaper and baby wipes. When we sing "Sidney Sailboat" you run to the TV. It's you're favorite show.

You also carrying around toothbrushes, spatulas, spoons and forks. Any time you are in your high chair you demand to hold a fork, even though you don't attempt to use one yet!

You love outside time. You dig in the sandbox, play in the mud, slide, and would swing for hours. You love it when your big sisters give you rides on their motorcycle.

You took your first steps at ten months and since then you have learned to climb stairs, RUN, and push boxes of toys up against walls/counters/dressers/beds to climb up them and reach whatever you are after!

You love reading books, especially pop up books! Your favorite song is the Gilmore Girls' theme song (Where you Lead by Carole King) and has calmed every meltdown since birth.

People say your smile is contagious, and you are very generous with giving smiles to anyone who looks in your direction. I have also been told by so many people you are the happiest baby they have ever seen. I agree. You love life!

You are an absolute joy. I'm so thankful for you and am loving every minute of being your mom. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to turn one, to leave the baby year behind and embrace the toddler years. But ready or not, here we go! You are a toddler. Sweet, cuddly, lovable, full of energy and full of excitement for life. You make big messes, scream LOUD when you don't get what you want and give Mommy slobbery baby kisses. Every day you laugh, scream, run, crawl, climb, dump, throw,  smear half your food on your face, clothes and hair, eat dirt and surprise me with your new skills and how fast you are growing! Every day is a new adventure with you, and I'm so blessed to get to be a part of it. I love you, my sweet baby boy. Happy Birthday!!!

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