Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sparkle Slime

The girls have been asking to buy slime at the store for months. But with the issue of gluten and "slime" most often not containing ingredients lists or gluten free labels, I decided it would be safer to make it ourselves. I found this recipe for Little Mermaid Slime on Pinterest and we made a few batches, tweaked a few things and now I have a new and improved recipe to share with you.

Sparkle Slime


1/2 cup +2 Tbsp warm water, divided
1/8 cup clear glue
1 drop food coloring
1/4 tsp borax
sequins and glitter

Instructions: In 1 bowl, combine 1/4 cup +1 Tbsp water, 1/8 cup clear glue and 1 drop food coloring. In 2nd bowl, combine borax with 1/4 cup +1 Tbsp water (make sure the water is warm or the borax will have trouble dissolving). Combine the glue mixture with the borax mixture. Knead with your hands until smooth. Slime is complete!

If you want your slime to be a bit thicker, add more glue. If you want it to be "slimier", add more water. 

That's it! All 3 kids have spent hours playing with their slime. Dominick's slime is a bit thicker and less messy...it actually bounces! And the girls being older and more responsible with their slime wanted theirs slimier and a little messier. The color combinations with the dye, glitter and sequins are endless! 

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