Friday, September 14, 2018

Dominick's 2nd Birthday Letter

My Dear Sweet Boy,

Today you are 2! Get used to me saying this on every one of your birthdays...I just can't keep up with how fast you're growing! Every day you get bigger, stronger, smarter, can climb higher and run faster and say more and more words!

Your favorite things right now are: your daddy, your toy cars and your tractor. You also love your lawn mower and helping daddy mow the yard! You still love to cook and spend a fair amount of time dumping and pouring and stirring and climbing up to the stove to push buttons and set the timer and turn on the light above the oven pretending to cook. You love to play with other toys too, mostly your Legos and blocks, plastic animals and anything with your sisters!

Your favorite thing to do with your sisters is play hide and seek and ring around the rosy. You also join in when they are doing their stretches or having dance parties. You and Mercedes are best buddies. You and Emerald have more of a typical love hate sibling relationship. You get on each other's nerves like crazy but at the end of the day you'll never turn down a cuddle or a chance to play with her.

You climb EVERYTHING. Couches, tables, chairs, counters, bookshelves, anything you can climb will be climbed. At the park, your favorite phrase is "look mom, I climb all by myself!" You climb way too high for Mommy's nerves to handle, but I try not to limit what you can do just because I get nervous watching you!

Daddy is your best friend. Your favorite part of the day is when Daddy gets home from work. He either takes you on walks around the block on your little tractor or he takes you to the park every single night after work. He reads you stories and then helps you with your bedtime routine, jammies and brushing teeth. You are always on your best behavior around Daddy. You love to follow him around and "help" him mow the lawn and fix things around the house. Daddy dreams of taking you on father son adventures and road trips when you're older. He also can't wait for you to be old enough to have nerf gun fights with him! He is learning to be the best man he can be to set an example for you to follow on how to be an incredible man. You couldn't ask for a better father or mentor to have growing up.

You talk all the time. Most of the time I can understand you. Sometimes you have trouble making yourself understood and it's so frustrating for you! Other times I do understand what you want and the answer is no. That is also so frustrating! When you're mad, you run to your room, slam the door and THEN scream. You want your alone time when you're mad and I totally appreciate this! Once you've gotten all your anger out, you come out of your room, happy and smiling and give mommy a big snuggle and all is right in your world again. As far as toddlers go, you're a pretty great one! No complaints from this mommy!

I am so happy and proud to be your mommy, and it is my joy and delight to watch you learn and grow and try and fail and get up and try again. You amaze me. I love you, baby boy. Happy birthday!