Fun and Learning for Toddlers (Ages 12-36 Months)

My collection of all the lessons, projects and activities I've done with my daughters from age 12 months-3 years.


Window Painting

Shaving Cream Bathtub Painting

Colored Ice Cubes

Food Painting

I Spy Sticker Book

Homemade Bouncy Balls

Salt Painting

Baby Belly Painting

Homemade Window Clings

Mess-Free Painting

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Finger Paint Prints

Flashlight Hide and Seek

Confetti Collage

Oil and Water Experiments

Mini Volcanoes


Sidewalk Paint

Discovery Bottle

Jello Sensory

Outdoor Finger Painting

Footprint Painting

Balloon Stamping

Bird Feeders

Crayon Melting Art

Fly Swatter Painting

Bubble Wrap Prints

Paper Towel Painting

"My Favorite Things" Collage

Ice Cube Treasures

Painting with Q-Tips

Glitter Ice

Cloud Dough

Sponge Painting

Toddler Spa

Coin Rubbings

Learning with Gummy Bears

Sidewalk Paint Popsicles

Muffin Tin Crayons

Bead Sensory

"Paint Soup"

Milk and Dish Soap Experiment

Condensed Milk Painting

"Hug-in-the-Mail" and "Cuddle-in-the-Mail"

Glitter Bottle

Packing Paper Art

Alphabet Puzzle

Color Sorting with Counting Bears

Play-Doh Alphabet

Homemade Glitter

Upper and Lowercase Letters with Easter Eggs

Contact Paper Collage

Learning Colors with Crayons

Skittle Paint

Lacing Buttons

Alphabet Blocks

Washing Marbles

After Dark Ice Cream Party

Play-Doh "Cookies"

Treasures in the Sand

Counting Steps

Jingle Feet

Colored Glue

Sensory Bins (Rainbow Rice, Corn and Cloud Dough)

Gluing Beans

Ice Cube Tray Paint Holder

Ball Pit Bath

Colored Snow

Duct Tape Collage

Puffy Paint

Glitter Glue and Sequins Art

Squishy Glitter Bags

Play Cooking with Real Ingredients

Handprint Collage

Willy Wonka Night

Scrubbing Seashells

Sand and Seashells Sensory Bin

Beach Themed Sensory Play

Beans and Animals Sensory Bin

Indoor Snow Play

Fluffy Winter Wonderland Animal Play

Making "Snow Cones"

Paint Chip Rainbow

Homemade (Gluten Free) Play-Doh

Milk Painting on a Tortilla Canvas

Mini Squishy Glitter Bags

Paper Plate Painting

Aluminum Foil Canvas Painting

"Cooking" with Sand

Easter Egg Sensory ("Shaky Eggs" Nest)

Colored Water Droplet Art

Sugar Sensory

Outdoor Water Table

Ice Cream Dough (First Attempt)

Ice Cream Dough (Second Attempt)

Bath Salts Sensory

Bath Salts Sensory (Outside Play)

Water Bead Sensory

Colored Water Beads

Homemade Vanilla Scented Rainbow Sprinkle Play-Doh (Gluten Free)

Rainbow Sprinkles and Goop

Applesauce Sensory

DIY Balloon/Ball Pit

Acorn Sensory

Acorn Painting

Apple Painting

Coffee Grounds Sensory

Coffee Bean Sensory

Car Painting

Colorful Goop

Dirt Sensory

Animal Footprint Painting

Egg Shell Sensory

Colored Epsom Salt Sensory

Easter Egg Treasures

Earring Matching

Colored Epsom Salt and Water Sensory

Alphabet Fishing

Googly Friends

Homemade Glitter Glue

Frozen Water Beads

Seashells in the Sandbox

Hair Gel Sensory Bags

Finger Painting Fun

Indoor Hopscotch

Jello Sensory

Sugar Cube Igloos

Googly-Eyed Monsters

Paper Masks

Money Sorting

Noise Jars

Bath Poof Painting

Pine Cone Painting

Pumpkin Pudding Play-Doh

Kool-Aid Rainbow Rice

Pebble Sensory

Marble and Bead Sensory

Tweezing Practice

Splatter Painting

Water and Seashell Sensory Bin

Veggie Stamping

Sparkle Slime